Bottom Candy is the brain child of offshore charter boat Captain, and tournament fisher Mike DeWitt. After decades of fishing on waters all over the world, Captain Mike realized that there was one species, one creature, that everything wanted to eat. One creature that had to possess the greatest camouflage in nature, the Cephalopod or Octopus! Every large fish in the ocean hunts, and eats, the elusive octopus. And, often when pulling up a monster fish, he noticed the same diet, octopus! So, after a lot of research and development, time and energy, blood sweat and tears... Captain Mike came up with BOTTOM CANDY! It's a bait that stores well in and tackle box, and will not stink up the place like a piece of leftover squid bait does! On top of that, it flat out attracts the big boys to bite! It's a bait that they have yet to see, and looks like what they love to eat! And, it can can catch multiple fish! What more could you ask for when you are all standing on the boat holding rods, than to rig up a bait that no one else has, and that the fish have never seen!?  Try it for yourself and you will be hooked!